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By using this website, you agree to accept and be subject to these terms of use, which address amongst other things, Registry Connection Inc. (""Registry Connection""), privacy, data protection and accessibility policies.

The Terms of Use and policies listed here are those of Registry Connection, The Alberta Motor Association ("AMA") and each Driver Examiner may have their own terms and policies, which are separate from those expressed here. For more information regarding such terms and policies, please contact AMA.

Privacy Policy
This website, being the site under the domain name is operated by Registry Connection who, among other things, is a reservation technology company that creates internet reservations on behalf of Alberta Registry Agents, Driver Examiners, and Driving Schools. Any information provided to Registry Connection may be used to process road test bookings, for the administration of this website, to improve our services, and to communicate with you.

Your information will not be shared with any third parties (other than Driver Examiners and AMA) unless you either give your express permission to do so, or it is necessary for Registry Connection to do so in order to comply with any investigation from law enforcement or the Government of Alberta, or if required to do so under any Court Order issued by a court in Alberta.

There may be other information automatically gathered through this website regarding browsing patterns and usage history. This information produces data in statistical form only, no individual user is identifiable and no personal information is collected. Registry Connection uses this information to analyze traffic to this website to constantly improve our content and services.

How Information is Used & How We Use Third Parties
We want to make your online reservation on this website as productive, secure and convenient as possible. Information will be stored in secure databases where only Registry Connection, AMA and the appropriate Driver Examiner will have private and secure online access. Confirmations and cancellation notifications will be communicated via email and SMS, which is provided through a third party telecommunication company.

Intellectual Property
Unless otherwise stated, copyright and intellectual property rights, or similar rights in all content displayed on this website, including graphics, are either owned by Registry Connection or are licensed from AMA.

The names and logos of Registry Connection and AMA may not be used or copied without express prior consent of Registry Connection, or AMA as the case may be.

Permission to Copy
Without permission from Registry Connection, no part of this website may be copied or transmitted, stored in any electronic media, nor may any of its content be broadcast or distributed in any public, private, electronic or non-electronic format.

You agree to not hold Registry Connection and AMA responsible for any claims or damage to yourself or any third party resulting from the use of information or services provided by Registry Connection. Immediate notification must be made to Registry Connection in the case that any party involved makes, or threatens to take legal action against you relating to your use of this website. Upon request by Registry Connection, details regarding the claim(s) must be provided in writing.

Registry Connection does not guarantee the absolute accuracy or reliability of any content provided on this website.

Registry Connection, AMA, the Driver Examiner and all of their respective affiliates and representatives shall not be liable to you or any third party for any loss and/or injury arising out of the information contained or produced from this website, or any actions taken or not taken in response to information and content on this website or your use of (or inability to use) this information.

While Registry Connection takes every available precaution, it is impossible to guarantee that the contents of any site is entirely free from infection by viruses or other malicious code which may have contaminating or destructive properties.

Some links on this website may lead to websites maintained by other parties with whom Registry Connection has no control. Registry Connection will not be liable or responsible for any content contained on these sites.

Registry Connection does not guarantee that this website will be error free and always available. Occasional errors may occur. If you experience an error on this website, please contact us.

Laws and Jurisdiction
These Terms of Use are governed by Canadian law and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta, Judicial District of Edmonton.

Cancellations and Changes
Should you need to cancel any driver examination booked on this website, please contact AMA as soon as possible.
Registry Connection does not guarantee any refunds from cancellations - any refunds or credits are up to the discretion of AMA and the Driver Examiner, who may, and are entitled to, act unreasonably.

You may be allowed to reschedule your road test for another date within a year of the original booking so long as such attempt to reschedule does not occur within 24 hours prior to your scheduled road test. No Exceptions.
This can be done by contacting the registry office where you will be taking your road test.

If you do not attend the road test scheduled through this Website, all feeds already paid will be forfeited.

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